Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ouch! I Pulled a Muscle

I am in pain right now because we went to the gym yesterday and I think I pulled a muscle on my shoulder. It is hurting right now but there is nothing to worry about. I probably lifted weights improperly. I did Cardio exercise which includes running on the treadmill, and using the elliptical machine. After wards me and my husband starting using the weight machine that works the biceps. I must have lifted the weights long, because my shoulder was hurting after wards. My husband informed me that when lifting weights, it is important to have good form, or lifting the weights properly to ensure that you are working the right muscles and not injuring yourself. After he told me that at one point in time, Bruce Lee, the famed martial artist and Kung Fu movie star, had actually injured his back seriously when lifting weights, I did not feel so bad. For those of you who work out with weights, it is important to make sure that your form is good before anything else.



klivengood said...

Ay sus Gee..di ko anang lifting..ako noon ang i-lift okay lang...hehehe

Naa ba manghihilot diah?? hehe

texaswithlove1982 said...

Na duna silay Physical Therapist diri perti mahal kaayo pod....