Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My grandmother who will turn seventy-five years old this year rarely use her eye wear when she sew clothes or when she watched the television. But recently, my mother has been telling me that my grandmother might need a new one because she has the same specs for over ten years now. My grandma never really complain about her eyeglass that's why my family were shock after they found out that her eyesight is starting to fade because of old age or probably because the specs doesn't really work on her eye sight problem anymore.

I had a serious talked with my other sister last night and I told her that I will be able to pay half of the expense and she agreed to pay the other half. I then asked my mother to rely the message to my grandmother and she was very happy hear about the good news.

I will be posting a picture of my grandma when she gets that new pair of eyeglass. Missing my grandma terribly!

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analou said...

she should wear one before its too late.

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