Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Like to Eat Garlic?

Some people that I know at work cannot stand the smell of garlic. On the contrary, my husband's step-dad likes to eat garlic even if it is raw. I was very amazed how garlic actually helps fights cancer, helps get rid of athlete's foot and it will also prevent colds. Here are the steps that you need to do in order for the garlic to be effective.

  • Make sure to boil several garlic cloves. Be sure that the water is cool before pouring it into a large bowl and lastly soak your feet. It is also better if you boil the garlic in whole instead of cloves because it will not leave a smell in your foot.
  • Garlic contains a cancer-fighting sulfur compounds that helps fight cancer. Take note, it is better to mince your garlic before cooking because it will retained one third of its cancer-fighting sulfur compound compared to the one that are not mince.
  • If you already are experiencing cold symptoms such as sneezing remember to microwave two cloves of unpeeled garlic for 25 seconds and be sure to peel the skin and eat them. The sulfur component of the garlic will stop any colds or other types of infection.
By the way, I have read this article from the Health Magazine and DJ Tesh. Have a wonderful evening everyone!


jellybelly said...

I love garlic! If a recipe calls for 1 clove, I put 5 cloves or more. I even sprinkle toasted garlic on my rice :)

texaswithlove1982 said...

I love garlic as well. Thanks for the comment btw.

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