Sunday, March 14, 2010


When I check our mail box today I was surprised to see a bunch of different address labels sheet that are printed on my husband's name as well as my name. I don't remember ordering them online or in person but I was actually thrilled to see my name in a beautiful piece of art. Well, for curiosity sake I read the letter that goes along with the address labels and I found out that they are actually send out from various charity organization that are asking for any amount to be donated in helping find a cure for patients with cancer, for war veterans, protecting animals and so forth.

I was overwhelmed after I read the letter and I started counting all the blessings that my husband and I have enjoyed though we may not have much money but we surely enjoy being healthy. I told my husband right away about the letter and he told me that we will send our donation in the mail this week.

Wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead!

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