Monday, March 15, 2010

Eric's Allergy Attack!

When my brother Eric started having this attack that made him unconscious my mother thought at first that it was just an ordinary fainting cause by not eating or dehydration. It was confirmed yesterday that my eighteen year old brother is suffering from anaphylaxis allergy. The last attacked happened a week ago while my mother and Eric went to the bank to withdraw some cash. He told my mom that he may have his attack at that moment since he can feel that his body reacts by producing huge hives. My mom right away let him drink the anti-allergy medicine that the previous doctor prescribes for him. But then he was unconscious after a few minutes on the street so my mom was screaming for help with the people who are passing. One teenager help my mom to lift my brother so they can rode a tricycle to go to the hospital. On their way to the hospital my brother woke up and told my mom for them not to go to the hospital because he is doing fine.

After my mom informed me about the incident I decided to send them money so they can go to a specialist because I want to know the diagnosis about my brother's situation. The following day my mother and my brother went to see a doctor and the doctor diagnose him with a severe allergy attack that it can be fatal if not treated. The doctor then explained to my brother it is not an ordinary allergy that he is having but it a serious one. The physician prescribes him with another type of anti-allergy medicine and also an insulin capsule for him to take every time he feels that he will have another attack. My brother Eric was also brief to always bring some sort of identification card that will show what medicine he is taking and his allergies.

I am just relieved that my mother was able to sleep after five sleepless nights. The whole family is being brief on what to do if ever Eric will have his allergy attack. Everyone is committed to help Eric about his health.

I have faith that God will help Eric get well. I ask everyone on the blogger land to say a little prayer for my brother's health. Thank you everyone!

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