Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quest for a Bride!

One of the many friends of my husband was asking him if how to succeed with online dating? He said that he is getting tired of women who used him to get any type of benefits from him and he is ready to settle down. My husband told him about our love story and how we met online and how our love was nurtured and so forth.

My husband advice him to consider joining any online dating site and maybe from there he can start building friendship to all the ladies he will get acquainted with. But first he had to be fully committed in finding the woman who is ready to receive his love and to get to know the women before meeting them in person. My husband was telling him based on his experienced between us.

My husband's friend consider the ups and down of online dating and is very excited to find the lady of his dream to be his future bride. Time will tell if he succeed on his quest.

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