Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I had been working for the same company close to three years now and I am very happy to work with amazing people who make my working time out there a lot easier. Anyways, we are introducing new products to our avid customers and the owner of the company where I work decided to use banner stand so the new products will stand out every time a customer visit the store.

I am very excited to go to work tomorrow because my boss is baking a birthday cake for me. I even pick the ingredients for the cake and I choose a chocolate and strawberry frosting on it. I bet tomorrow will be awesome. This coming Friday will be the last day for me to work a 12 hour shift which is great because I had been so stressed lately for having longer hours at work.

I will have plenty of visitors coming to our little apartment tomorrow because my husband's older sisters and her family will be visiting from out of town. We are ready to welcome them here!

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