Monday, March 29, 2010

New Mail Box!

While checking the mail box today, I have noticed that the apartment office where I reside have a new wall mount mailbox attached outside their office. Actually, the apartment management has been renovating our apartment complex for quite some time now and they are posting announcements everywhere that they will be having new mail boxes in the weeks to come and other new cool stuffs to add.

Earlier of last week, the manager have spoke to my husband and told him that we can either pick a wall mount mail boxes, single-unit mailboxes, regular mailboxes, column mailboxes, Multi-unit mailboxes, post mount mailboxes and more. As I was searching the web today I have stumble upon the Mailbox Ixchange website that offers the largest preference for any type of commercial mailboxes and residential mailboxes.

I was wondering if I can suggest this wonderful website to the apartment management so they can check this out before ordering the brand new mailboxes who knows they might consider this. Anyways, if any of you out there are interested in replacing your old mailboxes then please check the Mailbox Ixchange website by clicking any of the links above.

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