Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

Yesterday was a long day for me because I went to work extra early. I thought that I will not last long because I did not sleep well the night before that. Anyways, as I was getting the orders from the customers I had heard somebody talking about satelite internet. That was my first time to hear about it but I did not bother to ask any information regarding the internet.

Well, yesterday was really busy at my working place especially that there's only one Friday left before everyone around the world celebrates Easter Sunday. Everybody at work was talking about Easter egg hunting with their family and friends this coming Saturday.

I then realized how I missed the presence of my brothers and my sisters during this time. I remember that I used to help my mother prepare the eggs and hide them so the kids at the church will have a great time looking for them and finding the eggs one by one. Well, I wish everyone a happy Easter Sunday!

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