Saturday, June 11, 2011

Someone Called Me a Jerk

I can't believe that one of my ex-acquaintances from my place of work called me a jerk for not replying to her text message right away yesterday. I was really shock and I can't believe that she called me that because I never thought she would say hurtful things towards me. I don't really check my cell phone unless I am waiting for important messages or call. I was preparing for dinner when she sent that message to me and of course I didn't reply right away since I was really busy. After reading the message from her, I immediately send her a text message and asking her why she said that but I never received an answer. I tried calling her but no answer. Honestly, I was pissed off because I hate when people are like that. An hour passed and I received another message from her telling me that she was just upset because I didn't invite for dinner. It was really weird but I just told her that she made me upset for what she called me. I ask her politely not to call me names again or else I will never forgive her ever. I just hope that this won't happen again.

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