Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREE Beauty Products

My husband and I both work today and I am so happy that I got paid today from my place of work since our apartment rent is due on the first day of each month. My dear hubby and I agreed that we will do half on every bill which really works for us since we got married almost five years ago. Anyways, after I went to the bank today, I just went home and took a quick cold shower. Then, we went to the mall because my husband needs another working pant. By the way, I finally claimed my free birthday gift from Sephora plus I got another free deluxe sample of the new bare minerals skin moisturizer also from Sephora store. When it comes to receiving free gifts or samples I am always on the lookout for those types of promos. Likewise, I use the coupon that I receive from the snail mail to purchase food items from Chick-fil-A and I am overjoyed to save a few bucks. I am looking forward to save extra money by using coupons wherever I go. How about you folks? Do you use coupons when you buy anything?

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Maxi Velasco said...

Hello Geraldine.

Wow! Beauty products for free! That's great! How's the product? Have you tried it?

Sometimes, I use coupons when it's available. Coupons are not popular here in Sweden... sad to say.

You take care. Have a nice day.

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