Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Polka Dots Shoes

My husband and I had so much fun while attending my colleagues advance Memorial Day celebration yesterday. I was requested by my colleagues to make some chicken-broccoli casserole and banana bread. They all love my homemade banana bread and chicken-broccoli casserole ever since I've brought it at my place of work a couple of weeks ago.Dearest husband and I stayed there until eleven o'clock at night and we went straight home and just talk for a bit and go to bed by one o'clock in the morning. I woke up a little early since I have to work earlier today.

After I got out from my place of work, hubby and I went to dine out at our favorite fast food place called Chick-fil-A. I then remember, that Payless Shoe store is having a huge sale today. We went ahead and check out one of the many stores here in our city I purchased two pairs of shoes that I am going to send for my sisters in the  Philippines. I can't wait to see there happy faces when they see how beautiful the shoes are.

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