Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi I was born on April 1, 1982 and it says that i am under the zodiac sign name ARIES. Aries is the first zodiac sign. My element is a fire sign and it means that an Aries person can be impulsive, generous and passionate.

The mythological symbol of Aries is the RAM and the astrological credo is: I AM. Aries ruling planet is Mars. The color that resonates to an Aries sign is cardinal red which happened to be my favorite color. My gemstones is Diamond (woman's best friend ) and my flower is Aster close enough to my first name Ester.

The funny part is that on what I read it says that Aries men and women are feisty (no kidding), hardworking (which is in fact true) and ambitious ( totally agree). At most times, we can be also be pushy and short-tempered.

Even though Aries maybe impulsive about most things, when it comes to money you seem to have a voice of caution whispering in your ear.Aries men and women maybe willing to take the occasional risk, but for the most part you are content to make the money while letting a professional invest it for you. Take note, for Aries men and women it is very hard for us to surrender our personal checking account when you get married. On my own experience, I strongly believe it is very important for both parties in marriage to have their own money.

Aries are known for their family and friends to be very generous. Ram is the symbol for the zodiac sign Aries and for that Aries men and women are extremely ambitious. You want to further your education to be always on top of the game. Rams seek out dangerous professions such as police work, firefighting, construction or even in the military. Aries people tends to do good in hospitality sector such as working as a customer service professional, hotel manager or caterer.

Aries men and women are natural leader and your friends look up to you as a result. You enjoy surrounding yourself with people from different and unique walks of life. It is almost a mission of yours to learn about life from your friends. Aries people will gladly listen to their stories then regale them with tales of their own adventures.Aries men and women act in the role of teacher or mentor to their pals. Aries people have a strong competitive nature.

Wow, the good thing is that Aries men and women are one of the most energetic signs of the Zodiac. It says and I quote: You thrive on exercise and hard work ( honestly, I have a hard time going to the gym almost every other day). Rams are also known to be so creative and stylish with their home and family. Aries people are somewhat old-fashioned in the way you look at family life. You are most likely to be concerned parent, a loving son or daughter and a caring sibling. You love being part of a large family (very true since I come from a big family).

I somewhat agree to some areas that they are talking or explaining for being born in the zodiac sign of ARIES. But we are the only one who shape our own destiny and mold it to perfection.

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