Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Self Confess TV addict

I just loved most of the TV show that I watched at USA Channel. They rock you know, they are amazingly good. I love watching Law and Order:Special Victims Unit (SVU), Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Plain Sight. This is usually the show that I watched after arriving from work. While I am cooking in the kitchen or doing something , I have to put the volume on high so at least I will be able to hear it. I started watching them since I arrived here in the US almost 2 years ago. It's very neat because you will not be bored, because they always have new episodes everyday.

The other channel that I liked to watched most is Tru Tv former Court TV before. Then I also watched Food Network Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel. Well, I can learned something from this TV shows.

But don't worry, I still have time doing the chores that I need to do at the house.I know how to budget my time.

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