Saturday, August 2, 2008

Totally Gross Out

We just got home from the movie theater. I wish I should have listened to my husband when he told me that he will be the only one to watch the movie that we just finished viewing awhile ago. Honestly, it really grosses me out. It did affect my appetite, I don't even want to eat meat for now. The movie was totally disgusting.

For some reason my husband tends to watch horror movies nowadays. Maybe once in awhile but usually he watches funny movies because that's one of his favorite kind of a movie. I thought it was more on a horror side of the movie but it wasn't. It is in fact just being grossed almost every part of the movie.

This will be the sickest movie I've ever watch in my life. I watch horror movie maybe ones in a blue moon but not really.I like watching action movies,romantic movies, comedy movies and church movies.

This is not really the kind of movie that I could watch another time. I am just happy that my husband offer to cook pizza instead of preparing turkey hamburgers. I actually was trying to hold my breathed while watching the scenes of the movies. Most of the time I was just closing my eyes in order for me not too see the grossest part. Then my husband will tell me if it goes back to the normal scenes.

Then after we eat our pizza right now, we will be heeding back to the movie theater to watch another movie , but this second movie that we will be watching will be an action movie which makes me excited and I bet It will be more fun.

I'll end here by saying if you don't really have the guts to watch horror movies don't even try it.

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