Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Sun City

I lived in El Paso, Texas which is called "Sun City" for being super hot in the summer time. The temperature usually goes up to 100-102 F. It is quite crazy during the summer. This is my second summer season in El Paso and its not my favorite season at all, maybe just a little.

My husband and I usually go swimming during this time and take note they don't have any beach here in El Paso. The closest beach that I know of is located at Corpus Christi, Texas. I don't like the heat so much because it will make you feel very tired,uneasy and you are always thirsty, you just want to stay in the water everyday during this season.

We don't usually get rain, maybe once in awhile.Its a miracle if its rains.

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SweetPinay said...

hello!visit ko diri ha:)lowcountry pinay ni from wof:)dhai butangi chatbox imu blog para dali lang mag leave og message.

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