Friday, August 1, 2008

My Idea of Heaven

Every time I think of heaven I always imagine that it is the most wonderful place in the entire existence of human being. I wonder what it is like to live there. I want to go to heaven when my time comes to leave here on earth. I want to be with my family when that time comes.

When I think of heaven I think of happiness, contentment, humility, family, friends and just living a life that is full of joy and blessings. I want to experience everything that I could ever imagine about heaven.

Heaven for me is like having a good life with nothing to think about or nothing to worry about everyday. Heaven is like a place where people can interact freely without any hesitation or any limits. Heaven is having your family around you. I would love to have my family with me forever.

I want to make my life on earth a place I called Heaven. Heaven is where one can experience no illness but instead having a good life. Heaven for me is a place which is truly perfect in anyway. A place where all i can see is perfection and the beauty that surrounds me. A place where family will give each other's support , encouragement and love.

Heaven is to lived with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever and ever.

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