Sunday, August 17, 2008

Touch of Tan

I love different colors of nail polish. I am always attracted to bright colors, dark colors and contemporary colors. I first started having my nails colored when I was 19 years old.Of course I was not living with my parents around that time or else my mother will be mad at me for doing that.

I was living with my Uncle as a caregiver for my first degree cousin. My Aunt usually have her own beautician to visit her every weekend and do her pedicure and manicure. So my Aunt told me to tell the beautician to do my nails and she will be the one to pay for her services. I was very happy and excited.So from that time on I had my nails done with the same beautician, but after I leave my Uncle's house and returned home I had to go to a parlor who does the same thing with my former beautician. I want a painless process that's why I am very careful who will do my pedicure and manicure.

Then one day I decided to buy all the instruments and the materials that were needed so I can start doing my pedicure and manicure. Wow, indeed it paid off I was able to try it by myself, just the same thing as the people in the beauty salon did before. I did my own pedicure and manicure and I even did my mom's and sisters nails.

It helps you know because when I arrived here in the US,the manicure and pedicure are so expensive. I eventually bought my apparatus so I can do it by myself again. When I don't do anything I usually call my filipina friends and do their nails as my sideline job.

My favorite nail polish is The "touch of tan" its a gorgeous color.

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