Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day is coming!

I went to the mall with my husband since Friday night and then we went back again last Saturday and then yesterday which is Monday. Everywhere you turned you can find a lot of sale items that are discounted up to 75% discount.

My husband needs to buy clothes that he can wear for school,clothes to wear when he do work at the school district.It was a good deal you know. We rarely go to the mall because the prices are really way to expensive but for the first time my husband bought clothes like in bulk.

If not because of the on-going discount sales, in preparation for the labor day week we would never buy that many clothes. He bought good pair of Levi's jeans and black pants and then long sleeves shirts. He bought me 2 pairs of dresses that I can use when we go to church services and then some blouses then a good pair of Levi's jean for me also.

I am still looking for a good pair of working shoes,hopefully I can find one. But over all we saved a lot of our money. I bet if they don't have those kind of sales we will never bought that many clothes in the mall at one time, we would have to buy them one at a time.

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