Sunday, August 24, 2008

Raw Fish Recipe

I used to remember way back when I was still living in the Philippines that every time we go on family outing on the beach, my mom or dad will usually buy some fresh fish from the boat. They buy the swordfish and I help them clean and prepare the fish. The first thing we do is take off the skin and then afterward slice the fish into medium size.We slice it into a square or rectangle shape. Then we set aside the fish in a small pan. Then we will get ginger, a medium size garlic,cane vinegar, stalks of green onion,scallion,medium size tomatoes chop,salt and pepper. You can either put coconut vinegar instead of the cane vinegar for more flavor.

The steps are here:

1. Marinate the raw fish with the coconut vinegar or cane vinegar for 30 minutes or if you want to soak the fish you can put it longer until 1 hour.
2. Drain, the marinade fish and combine all the ingredients in a big pan.
3. Let stand refrigerated for another 30 minutes.
4. Served it together with your favorite drinks.

This recipe would be a great, and its very simple and easy to make. It is very delicious and it would be nice to try new dish especially for people who likes to taste unique dishes that are new to them. You can make this kind of dish whether just staying at home or going to the beach with family and friends.

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