Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tony's Personal Chef

I actually love to cook ever since. I like to try new things and I like to ask for recipes with my friends and co-workers, especially that both me and my husband Tony likes to try new dish.

I've learned a lot of dish since I arrived here in the US. Since my husband loves Mexican food I have to learn how to cook the food that he likes to eat a lot. I've tried cooking chicken fajitas, tacos,enchilada's, broccoli's-chicken casserole, Spanish rice ,Albodigas ( i'm not sure if that's the correct name),Caldo De Res (beef soap but Mexican style) and many more.

I also like to cook Filipino and Chinese Food they are closely related dish. Tony love's to eat egg roll (lumpia), noodles ( pancit),chicken adobo, and Chicken Curry. I find it amazing to know how to cook because you can actually make your own menu and you don't have to go to the restaurants often. I am just very happy that my Mother and my Grandmother used to teach me how to cook food.

When I cooked I always make sure that it is full of love. You can actually tell if the person is not in the mood to cook because the result is absolutely terrible.

I am still learning everyday with other dishes that I can actually cook at home. Its fun to cook and I really loved it!

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