Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Alert

I come from a beautiful island in the Philippines called Bohol and we are known for our white sand beaches. I am very interested to share this tips that I've read from Planet Discovery on how to protect our beaches.

1. Maintaining your septic system.
2. Don't throw your garbage down storm drains.
3. Use all-natural pesticides and fertilizers.
4. Don't litter. The litter can find its way into a storm drain and off to the sea it goes.
5. Don't leave your trash at the beach.
6. Use trails paths and walkovers at the beach whenever possible. Your footsteps can erode sensitive dunes.
7. Don't use the beach as a toilet. The same goes for your pet.
8. Cut up the plastic rings from your six-pack.
9. Leave wildlife undisturbed.
10. Take part in a beach clean-up.

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