Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amazing Dolphins

Have you ever seen dolphins making a bubble ring? The dolphin bubbles are one of the many amazing talents that the dolphins at Sea World have. One of the trainers at Sea World has actually observed this very peculiar behavior three months ago when he was touring with one of their guests at the Dolphin Cove. The dolphins were actually blowing bubbles out of their blow holes and making a perfect ring. The rings are quite big and the dolphins play with them; they push the bubbles with their noses until the bubble ring gets smaller and smaller. They also use their head to turn the bubbles around and make it big once again. If they see that other dolphins are coming to play with the bubble rings that they have made then it is time for them to pop the bubble ring. All dolphins are imitating what are other dolphins are doing. Female dolphins are usually the ones who make the bubble rings for some reason. And you can see in the video above that the dolphins are having fun playing with the bubble rings that they have made.

I know for sure that when you visit Sea World with your children, that they will be fascinated with what they will see at the Dolphin Cove. You can also check their website at or watch the video clip above.


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