Saturday, March 7, 2009

Families Are Forever

I was checking my Mom's profile on Facebook and saw that they upload new pictures. I was very happy to see them looking very happy. The first picture will be the girls in the family excluding me. My younger sisters Emerald, Elaiza, Elaine, Evonne, Jessa Kristine, Jhela, Janine, Josephine Marie and Eunice Dawn; Mama is also in the picture.

The second picture will be the picture of the boys of the family. From left to right: Papa, Joseph Eric and our youngest boy Joseph Ephraim. I will never trade my family for anything else. I love them dearly.


Maria said...

Great family. Yes, It's true families are forever. Yeah, I am LDS? how did you know? Cecile and Analee in my Blog roll are also LDS. Do you know some of the follower who are LDS? Keep in touch girl.

Ingat lagi. Kumusta ang Texas?

texaswithlove1982 said...

I've read your profile and I saw that your an LDS. My whole family are LDS. I grew up in the church. Well, you mention about BOM and Church books.

Texas?hehehe its great!

Maria said...

My family is also members of the Church. That's good to know that you found me. I know only LDS know what is BOM means. right? lol!

Saan ka sa atin? Matagal kana dito? Say hi to your family? Invite mo si Analee at Cecile....

I put you on my link important people. keep in touch ha...ingat.

talk to you later.

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