Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Had A Blackout!

Tony picked me up at work around 11:30 evening and we drove to Wal-mart to return a movie at the Red box inside the store. While we were driving back to our apartment, my husband was asking me if I saw a big flash of lights; I said yes I did, and shortly after that the lights went out. Instead of going to our apartment, we drove again around the East side of El Paso City to see if what was going on. All the traffic lights went out and drivers were very careful when passing through the next street.

This morning my husband checked the news online to see what's going on. We found out that a vehicle hit an electrical transmission pole in Soccoro, Texas. The crash caused several power lines to cross, and the system went into an automatic shut-down mode to avoid burning up.

As a result, residents as far as west as Santa Teresa, New Mexico and as far as east Fabens, Texas and Tornillo, lost power.

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