Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fall/Winter Sale at Sears

Sears is one of my favorite places to purchase my clothes, shoes, workout clothes and many more. I am very happy after I found out that Sears will be having their 75 to 80% off the original price to all winter and fall clothes. The sale will start today until April 18th. You will find clothes for men, women, juniors, boys, toddlers, workout clothes, toddlers, newborn and infants.

I even told my husband that we will be going to Sears this coming weekend so we can purchase winter or fall clothes that we can wear next season. I wanted to buy a coat that I can wear when we go out for dinner during winter season and I am happy to see that they have it at Sears. I will be purchasing this Classic Element Poly Fill with Fur and Gold Trim. This is very trendy and has a hood. What I like most about this coat is that the hood is detachable. The picture above is the coat that I would like to purchase this coming weekend.

Remember this sale will only last until April 18th. Hurry and pick your winter or Fall Apparel at Sears. Don't wait, check your local Sears store now or check online.

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