Thursday, March 19, 2009

Driving While Intoxicated!

Last night while driving back to our apartment we have witnessed a driver of a pick-up truck who's driving recklessly. I thought that he was just in hurry to drive but we noticed that he run over the red light. We were on the other lane and my husband was telling me that hopefully there will be cops around to pull him over.

About five minutes past and the driver was still swerving around the lane we hear sirens and lights from a patrol car. Then the cops starts to chase the driver. I don't know if he noticed that the cop is behind his vehicle or not but he keeps on driving about 3 blocks. Finally, he stops and the cops interviewed him and we head back to our apartment after that incident.

I still can't comprehend why drunk driver drives though they know that it's not safe and it could result to a fatal accident. I hope this could serve the driver a lesson because I know that the penalties are quite expensive.

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