Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Penny Away

Do you like buying things online? How about bidding products online? Penny Auctions is the most talked auction site online. Every item at Penny Auction starts at the maximum bid of $0.01 with no reserve prices. If a new bid is place on the item you want to purchase, the auction timer jumps up to a predetermined time. They do this in order for other customers to place a higher bid for the same item that you wish to buy from Penny Auction site.

Take note there will be a small fee for each bid that you make; this will help the website to offer such amazing bargain price for all their clients. The current fee for each bid that you made will be $1. One of the most magnificent things that they offer at Penny Auction site is that they offer 100% free shipping to all items. They also donate a large amount of money to the auction winner's choice.

Hurry now and check their latest products for auction.

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