Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heater for Your Patio

I recently visited one of my closest friends in Texas a few weeks ago. My Filipina friend and her husband made a lot of changes with her new house including adding a patio area. While chit chatting with her, she had mention out of nowhere that she is seeking for Patio Heaters which she can use next winter for their patio area. I told her that it sounds like a good idea especially that they both love to stay at their patio area of their house while drinking some hot chocolates.

On the other hand, the actual reason why I went and see her is because I wanted to congratulate her in person on her second pregnancy. I am thrilled because I know that she is very sensitive when she is pregnant and then she requested me to help her prepare the baby's room.  Mine you, it is really fun decorating the baby's room!

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Shed Life said...

oh..what a lovely thing to do

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