Saturday, February 19, 2011

Venetian Blinds

After years of waiting and saving his money my husband's step father is ready to take another step by renovating his house into a much modern looking one. I feel really happy upon hearing this good news because I know in my heart that my husband's step father is trying to hold on to those old memories he shared with my mother in law who has been decease for nearly six years now.

Well, my husband step father had mention earlier this week to my husband that he is looking for Cheap wooden venetian blinds that he can use after his old house is renovated. I know that other items for the house was mention as well and the contractor is planning to refurbished some items from the old house. Anyways, one thing that stands out though is that he still wants to stick as to what my mother in law had planned before such as the color of the paint for the wall and so forth.

We are looking forward on the big reveal day when everything is back in order.

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