Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wine and Dine

Earlier today, my father in law called my husband on the phone and confided with him that he will need our help next week. Dad in law said that he will pay us 50 bucks each if we help him clean his garage and one of his bedroom that is full of different items from electronic gadgets to little knickknack.

He also told my husband that he is looking for one particular bottle of wine that for some reason he can't find it on his wine rack. I have mention before that my dad in law loves to collect wines. Supposedly, if he can't find that wine sooner he has no other option but to check some wine online later this week or so.

My husband and I are looking forward to help him next week and who knows we might find that wine for him. Hubby even told his dad that we will him for free.

1 comment:

clavsupclose said...

Hi G! If I am there I am gonna help your dad! maybe he will give me 50 bucks too! joke!

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