Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aerial Photographers

I love photography as much as I love to sing. If I have one thing that I want to better myself into, then it will be enhancing my skill in taking pictures. I would really love to be skillful in this area. Oh by the way, is anyone familiar with aerial photography or aerial cinematography? I am really interested to know more about this after a former colleague from my place of work mentioned it to me.

Then I found out that, Sky Cam USA is a company that provides different commercial aerial photography for people who are in need of this kind of services across the United States of America. Sky Cam USA offers Aerial Media services such as:
  • Real Estate Aerial Pictures
  • Golf Course Aerial Photography
  • 360 Panoramic Aerial Photos
  • Aerial Photography Florida
  • New York Aerial Photography
  • University Aerial Photography
  • Construction Progress Photo
  • Pennsylvania Aerial Photography
  • New Jersey Aerial Photography
Aside from the services I mention above they also offer Aerial Media Logistic services where they use Remote Controlled Helicopter do their work. I find this very awesome and really well connected with the new technologies that we have nowadays.

If you are interested to hire them then please visit the links above!

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