Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seaweed Known as Guso

I was video chatting with my family earlier tonight and one thing that my sisters show me in the web camera is the food that my mother made for them. Apparently, my mother made some seaweed known as "guso" for their breakfast with fried fish. After seeing this delicious seafood my mouth become watery and I wish I was there to devour this meal right away. I also ask my sister to take a picture of this food and vavoom I got it.

I have not seen this type of seaweed at the Asian store. I have actually been wishing that they will have it so I can make this food by myself. This seaweed is great especially if you paired them together with any fried meat. I am drooling, yum! I will post the recipe on my food blog this week so please bear with me.

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