Monday, February 21, 2011


I am very happy today because I was able to go to one of the best Mexican restaurants that we have here in Texas, called Chi'hua. Chi'hua happens to have some of the best tacos in town, such as Tacos al Pastor, Carne Asada, Tripitas and much more. For many of you who are not familiar with tacos, al Pastor, is a pork meat taco which is usually served with pineapple and cilantro and is quite delicious. Carne Asada tacos are made of marinated steak and Tripitas are actually made of pork intestines. I know many of you must be thinking to yourselves, "that doesn't sound good", but once you try then you will love them. Today I ordered the tacos made with tripitas while my husband ordered the carne asada, and our meals also had delicious beans and a baked potato topped with cheese. Of course no taco is complete without hot sauce, and Chi'hua serves tacos with a red chile hot sauce, Chipotle sauce, and pico de gallo, my personal favorite is pico de gallo while my husbands favorite is Chipotle.

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