Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cricket Fun

One of my husband's relative who now resides somewhere in England was talking to my father in law over the phone about a sport called cricket which is a very popular sport in their country. My father in law has little idea about this sport so since I am not doing anything special today I went ahead and search it online. I found out that this game is played by two teams which is compose of eleven level members who use Cricket-Bats during the entire game.

I found this cricket game very amazing and I was lucky enough to visit this online store called Cricket Store Online which sells a wide selection of cricket products such as Footwear, Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Cricket Balls, Clothing, Youth Cricket items, Wicket Keeper, Helmets, Arm Guards, Thigh Guards, Chest Guards and more.

If you are interested about this sport then please visit http://www.cricketstoreonline.com/ today and remember that they also have a store located in the United States of America which serves all their clients across Canada and Australia. Try this out!

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