Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bed Sets

My husband's nephew is trying to get rid of his bedroom sets  because he is moving to Paris, France this summer for good. I am flabbergasted after hearing this news because I never thought that he will ever leave us and moved to another country. But every member in my husband's side of the family are very happy about it and is very supportive about his decision especially my sister in law Pilla.

Anyways, I am actually interested to get my nephew's bedroom set because we badly need one. Our old bedroom set is still working but is definitely on its last leg. Hopefully, my nephew Joey will agreed to what I am going to offer for the whole set. I know for a fact that Joey is very excited to move to another place and we are hoping that he will do well.

Lastly, I pray that Joey's plan will be push-through this summer!

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