Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration

My husband and I decided to have our Valentine's Day celebration in advance last Friday because I have school tomorrow night plus we both know that it will be incredibly busy tomorrow at our favorite restaurant. We picked Red Lobster this year and as usual the food is phenomenal. After dinner we went to watch a movie and then after that we headed directly to our apartment.  

Guess what? My handsome hubby surprised me with a cute stuff toy and a brand new Coach Purse.  I am very happy because I wasn't expecting anything this year since we are going for a mini vacation during spring break! Anyways, I have a gift waiting for hubby tomorrow!
                                           My husband and I

                                            Purple Coach Purse

                                                My Little Red Stuff Toy

                                             Lava Cake


Silvergirl said...

wow i like the purse :) lovely color

Anne said...

super love love sis the color and the style.... goodness!

texaswithlove1982 said...

@ Anne and Silvergirl-
Ladies thank you for your nice compliment!

The Diary said...

happy valentine's day to you and family anyway... i drop EC here and Waiting to see you in my blog. Thank you :)

greetings from
the diary

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