Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer Camp Israel

I have always found traveling very exciting especially when it comes to traveling to foreign destinations. Although my husband and I have no children yet, I found it very interesting that there is website where you can arrange for your child to travel to Israel for the summer. At eCamp4u dot com you can arrange to send your child to a summer camp in israel where they will have fun using technology, learning about the culture, and having fun outdoor activities as well. 

Although there may be other summer camps in israel, ecamp in Israel is an English speaking camp, where students do more than just outdoor activities and learn about culture, at ecamp in israel, children will also become acquainted with technology. Some of the activities involving technology include creating 3D animation, making music, digital photography, game designing, and even building their own robots! Some of the physical activities that are offered include basketball, soccer, and even swimming. 

So if you are looking for a great program to send your children for the summer, then click any of the three links above!

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