Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quit Smoking Before Its Too Late

Well, cigarettes affect every cell in your body. In fact, there are 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. Smoking not only increases your risk for at least 15 types of cancer, it causes at least 30 percent of cancer deaths. This will happened to your body if you don't quit smoking now.

1. Smoke inundates your lips, mouth, nose, sinuses, and throat as you inhale and exhale. They get exposed again when you cough up the chemicals trapped in the mucus in your lungs.

2. The moment you inhale, your lungs are filled with carcinogens and chemicals. Which are then absorbed by your airways, tissues, and protective layers of mucus.

3. You swallow contaminated saliva when you smoke. So your esophagus, stomach and intestines are slime with toxic chemicals that seep into your bloodstream.

4. Cigarette toxins invade all of your organs; especially your pancreas and kidneys, which filter your blood and your bladder, where the chemicals sit until they are expelled. That’s why smoking is the number risk-factor for developing bladder cancer.

5. For women if you smoke, the toxins accumulate in your cervix. Making you twice as likely to develop cervical cancer.

6. The toxins seep into your bone marrow, affecting the development of white blood cells, which raises your odds of contracting leukemia.

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