Friday, December 30, 2011

Proud Pinay

I've met a couple of new Filipinos in one of the Asian store here in Texas while purchasing my ingredients for the  Egg roll (Lumpia) which I will be preparing tomorrow night for our Filipino get together party this New Year's Eve. Here's the thing, some Filipinos are friendly and would actually go to you and ask if you are one of them but most of the ones I've met here are very snobbish and pretend not to speak our own language. I find this type of behavior very odd and awkward because I am proud to be from the Philippines no matter where I go or do. But some are just very pretentious and so forth. Anyways, one of the individual within their group actually asks me if I understand what they were talking because I was just smiling while waiting for my turn to pay for the items I got. Of course, I said yes with a big smile and told them that I am from another island and I spoke Visayan. I had shared with them our Filipino New Year's Eve party and invited them to come and attend. I am hoping they would go since they are new to the city. Good night y'all!

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