Sunday, September 12, 2010

Austin Surgeon

I started talking to this girl at one of my classes that I took this fall and I really like her a lot because she is so humble and pretty. She is one of the first classmates that approach me to be their new friend. She is originally from Austin but her family moved to El Paso, Texas because her father was promoted and he needed to manage their branch office down here.

Anyways, she told me that she have a half-sister who is still residing in Austin who just gave birth to a healthy baby boy name Kaden this month. Supposedly, her half-sister wanted to consult one of the many certified  plastic surgeons Austin TX later this week. My classmate even shows a picture of her half-sister and I think that she is a very attractive woman but her half-sister find herself ugly and unattractive.

 I am thinking that her half-sister could probably be experiencing a postpartum depression. I hope that she will soon realize how pretty she is.

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