Friday, September 17, 2010

Legit Complaints

Working in the food industry has taught me to be more patient when dealing with angry customers and to maintain a positive attitude during the course of conversation with them. It is not easy to maintain your posture and your calmness when dealing with annoying customers who always think that they are always right.

One of my team members loses her temper when the customers started cursing her and turned violent towards her. I was not there that day but I was able to watch the whole video during the whole bickering and argument between my colleague and the client. I am glad that my other team members was in their right mind and immediately called the police to handle the situation.

These are just a few incidents that we wish that we have some sort of group that will handle major complaints from the customers just like The March Group Complaints my friend referred to me. I never have nasty confrontations from our clients ever before so I am hoping that it will never happen to me; but if for instance it will happen to me I hope that I will bring myself together and stay calm.

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