Monday, September 20, 2010

Injury Lawyer

I just remembered last week while hubby was driving on the freeway, a truck driver almost hit us and I was about to throw up because I was so nervous. Well, my husband had been driving for 11 years but he is still scared to drive on the freeway.

 By the way, one of our former neighbors in the Philippines who is now residing in Austin for twenty plus years recently had an accident. The person that hit him was a 16 year old teenager who was drunk while driving his vehicle. My neighbor was injured but he was able to pull through and get well again. His kids wanted to get justice for what happened to their dad that is why they hire the best Injury Lawyer Austin to make sure that their father will get what he deserved. I am thankful that after so many weeks in the hospital my former neighbor finally went home and be with his loving family again.

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