Friday, September 17, 2010

Tennis in the Table

One of the many things I missed about my family in the Philippines is playing Table Tennis with them. We are neither rich nor poor but I consider my family as a middle class family who all work together to make ends meet. Every weekend my family and relatives will get together to do some cook out or play games that involves a lot of people; I think this is really perfect if you have a huge family like mine.

Anyways, one thing I loved about my parents is that they always encourage us to play any sports that we want and they are always there to support us from start to finish. I really missed those times that I am with my family and friends because with them I feel complete. Don't get me wrong, I do loved being here with my husband but it is not the same without having your immediate family with you.

Well, I better saved up some money folks so I can visit my family anytime I want it! See you later everybody...

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