Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Sisters Are Single

Good afternoon everyone! Another hot day in Texas and I am more than anxious for fall season to start later this month. I just arrived from an interesting day at school especially that one of my professors decided to postpone our exam next week and have it by the 23rd of this month. I am more than happy to hear this good news because it means that I will have plenty of time to study my other class in preparation for our first exam.

By the way, hubby and I went to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurant here and got their special menu for today. Hubby got the Chicken Enchiladas and I got Chicken Flautas. Overall the food was great and I really like the people that manage the restaurant because they are really nice and friendly. After we are done eating we went directly to the bank and cash my check.

Well, hubby was driving our car I received a call from my father-in-law telling us if we can drop by at their house today to pick up some groceries that they purchase for us and some presents from my husband's grandparents. I told my in-laws that we are running out of time for today since hubby still needs to go back to his place of work.

On the other hand, while I was checking my email just a few minutes ago; my sister sent me an email telling that she just recently joined the asian singles meeting. I am thrilled to hear this great news and I am crossing my fingers that she will eventually find the love of her life.

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