Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stainless Steel

I am truly blessed to have found such a great friend by the name of Ophelia to whom I treasured her friendship and trust so much. I am more than thankful for my husband for being patient and kind to look for new friends for me so I will not get homesick when I first enter the United States of America last 2006.

Well, my friendship with Ophelia became stronger when I became her son's Godmother (Ninang) and my husband as Godfather (Ninong) last July of this year. Actually, Ophelia and her husband Todd were recently approved to become a first time house owner and they are preparing to leave their apartment later this month.

While scanning the web today, I am thrilled to have found this wonderful website called The Stainless Steel Store that offers a very modernize, hip and trendy gadgets that are perfect items to be used in your house such as blomus stainless steel mailboxes, stainless steel soap, blomus stainless steel pinwheel, stainless steel matte tape dispenser, blomus stainless steel polished waste basket and many more.

Since both Ophelia and her hubby likes to drink coffee and hot tea all the time, I have decided to purchase this beautiful stainless steel matte tea cup to be given during their house warming party next month. By the way, I have included a picture below so you will see how gorgeous it is.

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