Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game Ranking

I have a friend at work who is a self-taught poker gamer who is saving his money to have the chance of his life to be part of the poker industry in the future. While waiting for my husband to pick me up at my place of work, my good friend Brett and his girlfriend Sammy accompanied me at the parking area and we start talking about different stuffs. Both of them actually are avid poker player and most of the time all they can talk are their poker experienced.

Anyways, while checking my emails today, I decided to check this website called Poker Pro Labs that specializes in different poker tools which will allow new player to succeed in the world of poker and learned some new tricks and techniques. By checking  Poker Pro Lab, you will have the chance to see your favorite poker players and know their poker rankings as of today!

If you are into poker playing then you may want to check this out ASAP!

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