Friday, September 10, 2010

Cowgirl Looking For a Cowboy

My brother-in-law is a professional bull rider before him and my sister-in-law got married twenty-two years ago. They lived in their huge ranch somewhere in New Mexico and every time we visited them they always make sure that we can do horseback riding or watch bull riding contest around the area. I have meet a few of my brother-in-law's nephews and they told me that once they start dating they would want their future girlfriend to love horseback riding or bull riding because it is already part of their everyday life.

In fact, one of my brother-in-laws relatives is a professional bull rider and he traveled all over the country during bull riding events. He had shared with me a few months ago while visiting at my sister-in-laws cabin that a friend of him who is a professional bull rider met his wife through cowgirl dating service. I am more than excited to hear great love story from my brother-in-law's nephews very soon; time will tell.

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