Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bedroom Sets

My husband had invited me to go with him at the mall because he was looking for a dress shirt and tie to be worn during his grandparent's golden anniversary this month. I am more than excited to suggest him some great colors that compliment his skin.

Mine you; I don't like to go shopping for long hours because I get tired easily especially when there's a lot of customer in the store. Anyways, while hubby was in the fitting room I decided to go around the store and I went to check the Bedroom Furniture section. I found a lot of great deals that they offer this week and I wish I have the budget to purchase any of the items that I like. I found a lovely king size bed, a chest drawer and huge wall mirror. Well, I decided to go back to the fitting room otherwise I will be there wishing that I can bring those bedroom furniture's back home.

I better go to sleep folks because I have a lot of things waiting to be taken care later today!

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