Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hawaii Surgery

When I think of the Aloha state I always imagined that everyone who resides in Hawaii has amazing buff body or very well fit body. I guess I am stereotyping again because according to my friend who is a resident in Hawaii for five years now not everybody is fit there. Generally, people who lived there love the outdoor especially the beach and the beautiful scenery surrounding the state.

Sometimes, maintaining your body figure or maintaining your healthy habit is quite difficult to achieve. For instance, these friend that I mention above had given birth to a healthy baby boy in 2008 but she told me that she have a hard time losing the weight that she gained during her pregnancy. Well, she told me that she wants to consult a Hawaii Plastic Surgery expert in the next few months to see if they can help her with her current situation.

I assured her that whatever decision she will make that I will always be here for her no matter what!

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